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EV Statistics Dashboard

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EV Statistics - 2023 Summary

The Polestar 2 is the MOST searched car model on the PINK Salary Exchange platform for the whole of 2023, beating Tesla’s 3 and Y into 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Congratulations to Polestar which dominated employee searches on the platform since the Summer. With the Polestar 3 and 4 set to join the range in 2024, Polestar starts next year on a roll.

Tesla was the most searched make on our platform, and if the 3 and Y were a single model they would have run away with the prize for the most searched model.

ev dashboard december 2023

EV Statistics - November 2023

As we enter the final weeks of 2023, things are hotting up on the PINK Salary Exchange EV dashboard.

Polestar 2 or Tesla, what will be the most searched car on the platform for the whole 2023? Polestar wins again for the three months to end of November, but we can share that the overall totals are very close.

1 million EVs registered in 2023? We’re just 48 thousand short of that magical number at the end of November, and last December the UK registered 42,284 units. So close!

For the second month running, Audi was the most searched make of car on the platform.

ev dashboard november2023

EV Statistics - October 2023

For the third month, Polestar beats Tesla, and looking at the raw data it’s by quite a margin (30% more views for Polestar 2 than Tesla 3). This is based on a rolling 3-month average, so is it possible Polestar 2 will be the most searched car across the PINK Salary Exchange platform, on average, for the whole year? Roll on the Christmas special dashboard where we’ll name the winners and losers for the whole year.

The top manufacturer is based on just the month of October and was won by Audi, probably as a result of a number of special offers from PINK on Audi EVs in the month.

EV market share was slightly down in October, at just under 16%, but still up by 20% year-on-year. In total, around 928 thousand EVs are now on UK roads, and with December always a big month for EV registrations, we’re still close to the magic 1m in 2023.

ev stats dashboard oct 23

EV Statistics - September 2023

After a fairly eventful month for EV in the UK, we’re pleased to update the PINK Salary Exchange dashboard for September.

The big news is we’ve now exceeded 904 thousand EVs on British roads, with EV accounting for 16.6% of the 272 thousand new cars registered in September.

And Polestar 2 stays at the top of our most searched chart, over the last three months, for the second month in a row! That’s not happened before. The mighty Tesla Y drops to third overall, after dominating the chart for the last twelve months, with the Tesla 3 in second place. To top Polestar’s achievement, it’s also beaten Tesla to most searched make of car overall in September.

pink ev dashboard

EV Statistics - August 2023

We have a new leader! The Polestar 2 is top of the pops as the most searched car on our platform, beating Tesla’s model Y into second after 9 uninterrupted months at the top.

With the model 3 in third, overall Tesla was the most searched make of car in August.

This comes in a month that sees a 24.4% increase in new car registrations, year on year, where 1 in every 5 new cars was a BEV.

Perhaps the biggest news for the month was diesel registrations falling back to just 6.5% market share, now the country’s least favorite fuel type.

ev stats august 2023

EV Statistics - July 2023

Perhaps the biggest news in the automotive sector is that the overall market is recovering, and the rate of recovery is improving. We likely will register around 2m cars in the UK in 2023 when the dust has settled, down 300k on the average for the years running up to Covid, but 400k better than 2022.

As a percentage of new car registrations in July, EV was stuck at 16% which is about where it’s been for over a year. However, that equates to 23k new EVs which is itself up 88% on July 2022.

For PINK sales are still strong, with 16% of all employees registered on our platform having ordered a car. As supply improves we’re also seeing a huge uptick in cars actually delivered to employees.

As ever a Tesla sits at the top of our “most searched” chart, which is based on a rolling average of cars searched on our platform in the last 3 months, with Polestar 2 remaining in 2nd place. But, and perhaps this is a sign of a change to come, Audi was the most searched make of car overall in July alone.

pink salary exchange electric stats

EV Statistics - June 2023

On a rolling three month average, the Tesla Y tops the chart once again for most searched model on our platform. At this point the Tesla Y has pretty much already sown up the title for most searched EV for the whole of 2023!

But the Tesla 3 has fallen to third with the Polestar 2 taking the coveted second spot, and Audi for the month of June was the most searched brand of car. Signs of Teslas dominance waning? Probably not.

Overall there are now around 818 thousand EVs on British roads and we’re still tracking towards 1m sometime around Christmas. 18% of new cars registered in June were EVs.

pink salary exchange ev dashboard - June 23

EV Statistics - May 2023

Another solid month both for the UK new car market and for EV registrations as a proportion of the total. There are now 786k EVs on UK roads and we’re still on target to reach 1m in late 2023/early 2024.

Tesla still takes both 1st and 2nd for cars most searched on our platform, and the prize for most searched make of car overall. For the first month ever 3rd, 4th and 5th haven’t changed, with Polestar 2 still in that 3rd spot.


ev dashboard may 2023

EV Statistics - April 2023

Tesla’s complete dominance of searches on our platform continues with 1st and 2nd spot again for April, and honours as well as the most searched make of car.

Polestar hangs in there in third, but the Porsche Taycan drops out of the list having made a brief appearance at 5th last month.

We’re still on course to see the millionth EV car registered in the UK this year, with 762 thousand now on UK roads. The total percentage of new cars registered in April which were EV was 15%, which is down a little on the month before.

ev dashboard - april 2023

EV Statistics - March 2023

As we predicted, March was the month that the total number of EV cars on the road in the UK broke through the 700k barrier. And in fact we’re now very close to 750k. HRUX is predicting that the total for 2023 will be over 1m.

Once again the Tesla Y is the most viewed car on our platform over a rolling 3 month period, with the model 3 coming a close second. Unsurprisingly Tesla is the most searched brand in March.

In at number 5 in March, making its first appearance in our top 5, we have the Porsche Taycan.

Audi’s etron is at number 3 and the Polestar 2 sits at number 4.

ev stats dashboard march 23

EV Statistics - February 2023

The Tesla Model Y remains the most searched-for car on the PINK Salary Exchange platform over the last three months. That’s a straight 5 months of occupying the number 1 spot. Interestingly the Polestar stands at a very close 2nd place, trading top spot with the Tesla month on month, but losing out over a rolling 3 months.

Overall Tesla accounted for 3.07% of all new car registrations in February, according to the SMMT, with Polestar at 1.33%.

We now have 695k of EVs on British roads, 2.1% of the total. We expect to crack 700k in March. Will we get to 1m in 2023? It’s likely to be close.

ev stats February 2023

EV Statistics - January 2023

We are tantalizingly close to seeing more than 700 thousand EVs on UK roads.

January saw another 17 thousand added, which is up 20% on January last year, but down on December 2022 (as you’d expect).

The most searched car on PINK Salary Exchange remains the Tesla Model Y, with the Polestar 2 in second place.

ev-dashboard - jan 2023

EV Statistics - December 2022

A momentous month for EVs in the UK with the highest ever market share of registrations at 33%. This helped the market improve to 1.61m units in total for the year. That’s still the lowest figure since 1993 but better than we had feared it would be back in June

The Tesla model Y was the most searched car on the PINK platform for the second time in a row. Looking back on the year we started in January with the Tesla 3 on top and the 3 and the Y have been in the top 5 almost every month since. It’s perhaps fitting that the model Y was the best-selling car in the UK overall in December, and the model 3 came second.

Overall EVs are now 2% of all the cars on the road in the UK.

ev stats dashboard Dec 22

EV Statistics - November 2022

A BIG month for the UK car market, for EVs and for Pink Salary Exchange!

We’ve broken through 600 thousand EVs on UK roads and 15% scheme take up (of registered employees) on our platform. In November 1 in 5 cars registered in the UK was an EV.

Overall, this is a UK car market that’s showing signs of improvement, with registrations up in November 23% year on year, and we know the best is likely to come in December.

In terms of the most searched car on our platform, the Tesla Y has knocked the Mustang Mach e off the top after three consecutive months at number 1.

ev stats nov 22

EV Statistics - October 2022

For the second month in a row, things seem to be picking up, with overall new car registrations up 26% year on year in October, with EVs up 23%. We’re just 7,000 units short now of 600 thousand electric cars on UK roads, a hurdle that surely will be cleared in November…

For the third month the Mustang Mach-E is the most searched car on the PINK Salary Exchange platform, but the Polestar 2 is closing in fast. Which would you prefer, America razmataz or Swedish cool?

ev statistics dashboard october 2022

EV Statistics - September 2022

SMMT stats show that UK car registrations were up 14% year on year in September, which is fantastic news. The total number of electric and plug-in hybrid cars in the UK now exceeds 1m, with the total number of EVs approaching 600 thousand. Heady times.

On the PINK platform, the Ford Mustang tops the charts for most-searched car for the second month in a row beating VW’s ID4 and BMW’s I4 to the top spot.

ev dashboard stats september 2022

EV Statistics - August 2022

We’ve made a small revision to the dashboard this month as, from now on, we’re counting the most popular cars searched on our platform over the last 3 months. Perhaps surprisingly, the most searched car over the period is the Ford Mustang Mach-e. This probably reflects the very successful campaign we’ve been running on that vehicle.

VW’s ID4 remains very popular at number two, with the Polestar 2 in a healthy third place.

Overall we see the total numbers of searches (and of course orders) rising every month, and in August searches were up a whopping 45%. The percentage of registered employees who’ve ordered cars also rises, to 13%.

There are now over ½ million EVs on UK roads, and 15% of all new cars registered in August were EV. That’s up 35% on August 2021!

Roll on September’s stats


EV Statistics - July 2022

2022 is turning into the worst year for car registrations since the early 1990s. At the current rate, total registrations for the year could be below 1.5m, which is around 800 thousand less than we were seeing before Covid.That said it’s been another record month for PINK Salary Exchange. Overall take-up of the scheme remains strong at 12% of eligible employees.

The VW ID.4 was once again the most often searched car on the platform, followed closely by BMW I4. In the last 7 months, the VW ID.4 has appeared in the top 5 three times, averaging the 2nd overall most searched. But the most searched car in 2022, to date, is the Tesla 3!

ev-stats dashboard - july

EV Statistics - June 2022

June 2022 was a terrible month for UK car registrations, even relative to the last two years, with the lowest overall figure since June 1996. 16% of the total registered were EV, which is up strongly on the year to date.

Once again we think these stats probably are a better indication of supply than demand and it’s always interesting to look at what employees are actually searching for on the PINK Salary Exchange platform. Last month’s most searched car was the Cupra Born but it doesn’t even make the top 5 this month. The most searched car is now the Polestar 2, followed closely by Vauxhall Mokka making its first appearance in the top 5.

Overall take-up of the scheme remains strong at 12% of eligible employees.

ev dashboard stats - june 22

EV Statistics - May 2022

Born free, as free as the wind blows?

The Cupra Born bursts onto our charts for most searched car on the PINK Salary Exchange platform in May at number 1. The new BMW I4 is also a new entry at number 2, and last month’s number 1, the VW ID4, falls out of the top 5.

In a month marked by a 21% year on year FALL in overall UK registrations, EVs represented 1 in 5 of all new cars, climbing 1.6% on April.


EV Statistics - April 2022

Nearly 13,000 electric cars were registered in April, up more than 40% from the same month last year. According to HRUX, the number of electric vehicles on the road is close to 475k, or about 1.5 percent of the 31.7m registered vehicles.

As the interest in electric cars continues to grow, so does the choice of vehicles in the market. This year alone we have seen the release of the Cupra Born, VW ID.4 and the Citroen Ami, if you haven’t seen the Ami yet, then I recommend having a look, it is a very unique looking car.

Tesla led the market last year, but the increased variety has demonstrated that consumers are beginning to look elsewhere. Tesla has dropped from being one of the most searched for cars on the platform to only 5th in just a few months.

Taking a look at Volkswagen, the ID.3 was the 3rd best-selling EV in 2021. In February, they unveiled the ID.4, a more spacious and SUV style car. In April, the ID.4 was the most searched car on the platform, closely followed by the Audi Q4.

ev dashboard stats april 2022

EV Statistics - March 2022

Tesla didn’t win a prize at the 2022 Fleet Awards. We could debate whether that was the right outcome, but there’s no doubting that their products, and in particular the 3 and the new Y, are dominating fleet sales. In 2020 The Tesla 3 was the 2nd biggest selling car of all fuel types, and in the month of December it was number 1. History may look back on the model 3, in particular, like we look back on the Ford Model T, the VW Beetle or the Mini even, as the car that defined an era.

That said Tesla’s success is clearly linked to the relatively free supply of new units. Many of the EVs you see advertised on TV every night are subject to long lead times and in some cases the order books are currently closed. But Tesla seems to be beating the odds.

In the March dashboard its always interesting to look at what cars people are actually searching for on our platform. The Tesla 3 is there but is only 4th (3rd last month). Audi’s Q4 has come in as the most searched car. Nearly twice as many people looked up the Q4 than the model 3 over the last 30 days. The BMW I4 is second and Mercedes are third with the EQA. The I4 did win Best Premium Car at the Fleet Awards.

Overall Audi was the most searched make on our platform, beating last month’s leader, VW.

HRUX estimates there are now 423 thousand EV cars on the road in the UK, which is around 1.3% of the total of 31.7m cars. In 2020 the UK was the fourth largest market for EVs and PHEVs in the world, beaten only by China, Germany and the US.

ev dashboard stats - march 2022

EV Statistics - February 2022

It is probably not surprising that EV registrations have fallen back from their peak of 25% (of all cars registered) in December 2021. At 12.5% it’s just under double the figure for January 2021 which suggests 2022 will be another record year for EVs. Could we surpass 25% for the whole year – 1 in 4 of all new cars sold?

The VW ID3 takes the top slot for cars searched on our platform by employees, up from 2nd in December. The Tesla 3 falls to 3rd. In December the Tesla 3 was the biggest selling car in the UK, of all fuel types, which is an amazing feat for an electric car. This makes the VWs rise to the top for January even more impressive.

Just under 1 in 5 of our clients employees who’ve used our platform have now ordered a car, which is helping us all, as we push total EVs registered in the UK beyond 412 thousand units (compared to over 31m petrols and diesels) on British roads.

ev stats - february 2022

EV Statistics - January 2022

December 2021 was a record month for EV sales in the UK. Pure EVs accounted for 26% of all new cars registered, beating diesel (which were just 8%).

Across the UK, the biggest selling car of all in December was the Tesla 3, and it was also the most often searched on our platform, beating VWs ID3 into second and e-UP into third.

On average, across all of our clients that have gone live on the Pink Salary Exchange platform, 1 in 5 of the eligible employees have already ordered their new EV.


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