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The Community

At Pink Salary Exchange, we recognise that employees may switch employers during the contract term of their vehicle lease. To help make this transition as smooth as possible for your employee, we have created The Community which allows employees to negotiate the lease contract for a specific vehicle between businesses. 

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Benefits & Discounts

Low Risk

Reduced risk of being left with a vehicle mid-contract

Benefits Employees

Greater employee satisfaction

Greater Flexibility

Ability to transfer new employees over from previous employers

Did you know...

that by choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle, employers could save over £450 a year for every car ordered?

Request Vehicle Transfer

If you have an employee moving on to pastures new, or if you are an employee leaving your current employer and you’re signed up to the Pink Salary Exchange, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to work with you to transfer your contract to the new employer (subject to their agreement) or discuss other options.

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