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We are confident that our salary sacrifice car scheme is the best in the business, and a cost-effective means by which employees can enjoy their motoring and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. Here we have outlined the key reasons why employees should be signing-up for this zero emission non-cash benefit and making the switch to electric vehicle car leasing with this next generation product.

  • Cost-effective
    The reduction in your salary which counts towards the lease of an electric vehicle, is taken from your gross salary. This means the income tax and national insurance you pay is less, and you benefit in real cash terms. Furthermore, car leasing is much cheaper than buying a vehicle, because you are only paying for the cost of the vehicle’s depreciation to the car leasing company. This monthly figure will be less than any financial model used in attempting to buy the same vehicle outright. Finally, zero emission vehicles are exempt from road tax, so you don’t have to pay this at all.
  • One payment
    Leasing an electric vehicle through the Pink Salary Exchange scheme means you will have just one monthly motoring payment to worry about, this covers the lease cost, service & maintenance and insurance, and makes your everyday budgeting much easier. You only have to worry about fuel, or in this case, charging the battery.
  • Flexible agreements
    Our electric vehicle lease terms range from as little as six months up to 48 months. So you can choose the deal and contract period that best suits your budget and circumstances. And if you want your next lease deal to be shorter or longer, that’s no problem either.
  • Access to new vehicles
    By signing up with Pink Salary Exchange you enjoy unrivalled access to the best new electric vehicles for leasing, this is through our sister company Pink Car Leasing. They can offer you the very best deals on all the major manufacturers and their latest electric vehicle models. And not only that, because you can choose another vehicle at the end of your lease and start a new lease, you will always be driving a new vehicle, and therefore will always enjoy the increasing benefits of developing electric vehicle technology. Alternatively, we are also the only salary sacrifice car scheme which offers used electric vehicles.
  • Lower emissions
    You can enjoy some peace of mind that driving an all-electric vehicle will reduce the carbon footprint of your household, because there are zero emissions from an electric battery.
  • Low-risk
    We know that employees often move company or wish to change their job, so we offer an early termination service whereby you can end your lease agreement if you leave the company, and are not tied to a contract or liable for the ongoing lease costs.
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