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Employer Benefits

The salary sacrifice scheme designed by Pink Salary Exchange is a ground-breaking scheme because it has been put together using extensive knowledge and expertise of the industry. The cost-effective salary sacrifice scheme is low-risk, flexible and helps employers and employees work towards net zero motoring.

We are confident we have designed the best salary sacrifice car scheme currently available, and this includes a wide range of benefits for both the employer and the employee. Here we concentrate on the employer benefits, so if your business signs up to our next generation salary sacrifice scheme, you can enjoy:

  • Lower national insurance (NI) payments
    Because the employee has the non-cash benefit for a zero-emission vehicle taken off their gross salary, this means their tax and NI payments are less, and so too are your NI contributions for them
  • Lower carbon footprint
    By signing up to our salary sacrifice car scheme your employees will be driving zero emission electric vehicles, thus reducing your organisation's climate impact and achieving compliance with environmental targets and standards such as ISO14001.
  • Employee Motivation
    In a similar vein to employee loyalty, a salary sacrifice car scheme also engages employees and motivates them to perform well. This will improve your productivity and should reduce absenteeism and accident rates, thus making your organisation much more efficient.
  • Compliance and safety
    Electric vehicle leasing through Pink Salary Exchange allows you access to information and analysis which improves your compliance in terms of tax, insurance, service & maintenance, MOTs and licencing.
  • Flexible deals
    The electric vehicle leasing deals available through our scheme can be taken on a range of terms, from six months to 48 months. This suits the employee's budget first and foremost, but also means the fleet manager has contract lengths they can control and which suit the business.
  • Reduced fleet costs
    Our multi-bid funders guarantee the best vehicle leasing deals currently available and our close partnerships with all the major vehicle manufacturers means we have great availability on an extensive range of electric vehicles. This means you can agree cost-effective lease deals - including possible batch lease deals - to reduce your fleet costs.
  • Employee loyalty
    Our industry experience tells us that offering a salary sacrifice car scheme is an attractive feature of an organisation and hence is a great way to attract and retain good employees, saving you recruitment and resource costs.
  • Grey fleet management
    A salary sacrifice car scheme enables fleet managers to better analyse and control their grey fleet, ie. vehicles which are not company-owned but are used for company business,
  • Simple online system
    Signing-up for our next generation salary sacrifice scheme couldn't be easier. You can be registered and initiating the employee roll-out process within 24 hours, with lots of available resources to help you.
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