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The Online Management Portal

Applying, registering and setting up your salary sacrifice car scheme couldn’t be easier with Pink Salary Exchange. Our set-up process is as easy as entering some basic details and being provided with an account within 24 hours. We can then help you with the employee roll-out. And then our online management portal is designed to give you autonomous control over the scheme but with minimal fuss.

Describing the journey to a successful salary sacrifice car scheme

Once you are set up you can access your online management portal via a simple login process. Here you are presented with two sections – documentation and employees. In the documentation section, our team of experts have created a suite of document templates, so that you can adapt each document to your process, operations and employees with no extra work required. These documents include everything you need to set-up and manage the system, such as:

  • Salary Exchange Policy
  • Invitation to Scheme
  • Change of Terms & Conditions
  • Employee Joining Agreement
  • Order Confirmation
  • Quote System User Guide

Having access to these documents means you don’t have to worry about legal aspects, tax requirements, HR compliance and other registration details. The documentation looks after all that, because you have signed up with the salary sacrifice car scheme experts so that you don’t have to worry about these kind of details.

The employees section enables you to list all the employees signed up to the scheme, and develop a profile for each employee containing key address and birthdate details. You can also add which vehicles they are driving along with compliance information such as insurance, tax and licensing.

Your scheme managed in your way

Although you have enlisted the experts to design you a tried and trusted salary sacrifice car scheme and we have provided you with the next generation model, you are free to manage the scheme however you see fit. Our document templates and employee records provide all the key information you need, but within that you can manage the scheme according to your fleet management operations and policies.

Our online management portal keeps you on the right side of legal and HR fulfilment and enables effective scheme management, so keep things simple and use the portal to keep your scheme details up-to-date, concise and compliant.

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