10 EVs Which Make Great Company Cars

16 May 2024

10 EVs Which Make Great Company Cars

Gone are the days when a company car was merely a perk for the lofty elite in a business, with a salary sacrifice scheme securing a car through employment is a benefit everyone can enjoy. But there remains the factor that a company car has to be suitable for both work and your home and family lifestyle. Add to that the low-cost factor you need, preferable sustainability benefits and practical issues such as interior space for all the family.

The good news is that cost-wise electric vehicles (EVs) offer amazing BIK rates, with a 2% rate secured at least until April 2025. But where fleets need to look after both work and personal needs, what are the best all-electric company cars out there? We decided to take a look so that you can pass this exciting knowledge onto your employees.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5

If your employees are looking for a non-premium brand that can still offer refinement and great handling, then the Ioniq 5 is the answer. The appearance manages to mix a futuristic and retro feel, but with a spacious interior you are able to make a company car practical for family use too. The fast-charging capability is an eye-opener and you can enjoy a larger battery offering a 315-mile range and still pay under £200 per year for your BIK tax.

  1. Mercedes Benz EQE

Naturally Mercedes have delivered an EV to impress, and this is the electric version of the iconic brand’s E-Class. So your employees will have style and substance on the road and still enjoy a spacious interior for all your lifestyle needs. And with an impressive 388-mile range, this is a cost-effective and fuel-efficient addition to your fleet.

  1. Skoda Enyaq

Skoda are the market leader in affordable quality and the Enyaq is a typically easy-going ride that ticks every box. You can opt for a choice of batteries depending on your motoring needs, and still enjoy a 388-mile range and pay only £171 per year BIK tax on the pricier 77 kWh battery.

  1. Volkswagen Id.4

SUVs are fast becoming the most popular body type for company cars, and with EV efficiency it is easy to see why. The Id.4 has all the VW quality you would expect and with £178 per year BIK for the 20% tax-payer, you can also enjoy a 325-mile range which makes driving convenient and enjoyable too.

  1. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 has topped many lists in its time, so it’s no surprise to see it here. Any Tesla model is boosted by the extensive charging network which makes being out on the road so much easier, but the quick and comfortable ride and innovative in-car tech takes driving to another level. In practical terms though, the impressive 374-mile range means the Model 3 is no gimmick.

  1. MG4

For an EV that has been lauded as offering the best value for money, you might still be surprised at the amazing levels of comfort and interior space here. Undeniably the MG4 is small but practical, and has genuine driver appeal on top of offering a 281-mile range for a very agreeable £131 BIK tax rate.

  1. Cupra Born

The multi-award-winning Cupra Born offers sharp handling and a sharp appearance, and with a modest BIK rate this is a crowd-pleaser in every sense. Maybe there are savings to be made by bulk sourcing the Cupra Born for your fleet? Because it’s a winner across the board and that’s likely to be the case for your employees too.

  1. Volvo EX30

Volvo’s new SUV has taken in-car tech to another level in terms of entertainment and safety, but the EX30 remains affordable and with a good 300-mile range is an all rounder that will appeal to many of your employees.

  1. Kia EV6

This was a game-changing EV when it was released, and a hatchback that combined style and substance with a distinctive look but high-quality build. Good interior space combines with an ultra-fast charging speed to offer an amazing standard of comfort and convenience too.

  1. Ford Mustang Mach-E

Ford re-invented the classic Mustang name for a revived attempt at cracking the EV market, and this all-rounder SUV hits the spot nicely. Judged to be a better value version of the Jaguar and Mercedes EVs there are two battery sizes available, with a fast-charging 372 miles possible with the bigger version. And with 62mph possible in just six seconds, Ford have brought the Mustang name back in spectacular fashion.

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