5 Benefits Of Electric Cars

28 August 2023

5 Benefits Of Electric Cars

The electric car revolution is upon us. The facts don’t lie and the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs) is now unavoidable. At the end of 2022, sales of EVs overtook diesel vehicles for the very first time, a seismic shift in the market. EVs now represent 32.9% of the vehicle market, and these figures are only going one way. With billions being invested by all the major motoring brands and the 2030 target set by UK Government to cease the manufacture of new petrol and diesel vehicles, there has never been a better time to join the EV revolution.

Salary sacrifice schemes are one of the best employee benefits available, and if you choose a zero emission vehicle for your salary sacrifice scheme with Pink Salary Exchange you are able to make significant cash savings. But we understand that some people still need convincing of the benefits of electric cars over their traditional petrol or diesel cars, and that the change is currently too big to contemplate.

We have put together the five key benefits of electric cars to help you make the transition…

  1. Zero emissions

While hybrid vehicles offer you the chance to transition to electric car driving in stages, they do still use fossil fuels whether you have a self-charging hybrid or a plug-in hybrid. However, fully electric vehicles run purely on battery power and now have the benefit of a rapidly developing charging network, so you can reduce your carbon footprint dramatically overnight by choosing an electric vehicle with a Pink Salary Exchange salary sacrifice scheme.

  1. Cheaper service and maintenance

With an internal combustion engine you will be aware that there are a lot of moving parts and therefore a lot that can go wrong. With an EV you effectively only have the battery to worry about, and so service and maintenance costs should be significantly reduced because the issues you face are mainly centred around everyday wear and tear.

  1. Convenience

The fuel supply crisis of 2021 highlighted the convenience of having an EV and being able to park on your drive at home and re-fuel your EV overnight, while you watched fellow motorists queuing up outside petrol stations anxious that they wouldn’t be able to get to work or an important meeting in the morning. Home charging is the cheapest way to run an EV, but there is an ever-growing charging infrastructure in the UK on streets, car parks and in workplaces too, which means you should be able to plan your charging around your lifestyle quite easily.

  1. Cheaper to run

Pound for pound and mile for mile, you should be able to run an EV cheaper than filling up with petrol and diesel on the forecourt. This is particularly the case if you are able to charge at home. Driving an EV also means cheaper BIK company car tax and cheaper road tax too.

  1. Developing technology

Perhaps the biggest benefit of EVs is that they form part of a rapidly developing technology. Investment in the cars themselves has seen powerful performance models from all the major motoring brands now able to rival their petrol/diesel stablemates, and this quality level will only improve. This investment also means that EVs will now be at the forefront of innovation in battery life, charging speeds, safety features and in-car tech so that you will always be benefitting from the best technology on the market. Furthermore, with a salary sacrifice car scheme you are leasing a brand new vehicle each time, so you will always be driving the very latest technology available.

Contact Pink Salary Exchange today and speak to our team about a salary sacrifice car scheme, so you can join the EV revolution and make huge improvements to both your lifestyle and the environment.

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