5 Reasons Why Our Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme Is Unique

01 August 2022

5 Reasons Why Our Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme Is Unique

At Pink Salary Exchange we have transferred our years of experience in the vehicle leasing industry into designing the leading salary sacrifice car scheme available on the market today. We have also utilised our contacts who are experts in tax and insurance to help us deliver a product that is HMRC-approved and able to be quickly and easily implemented into any organisation with minimal management disruption. But we understand how some employers may still require some convincing of how a salary sacrifice car scheme works and how these advantages may apply to them.

So here below we have outlined the five reasons why our salary sacrifice car scheme is unrivalled and unlike any other product currently offered in the fleet management sector:

  1. Offer new and used cars – a huge benefit of car leasing is being able to constantly drive a brand new car, and all the cost savings and tech-thrills attached to that, but we recognise that people enjoy having choice and flexibility, and that some motorists want every possible cost option available to them. This is why we offer used vehicles as well as new vehicles in our leasing packages. Used cars are effectively pre-leased vehicles with one previous driver from new. And rather than dispose of the vehicles at auction when they are returned to us at the end of a lease agreement, we cherry-pick the best ones, put them through a thorough health check and make these nearly-new vehicles available for an even cheaper vehicle leasing deal, and available to drive away immediately.
  2. 100% risk free – this might sound like a bold claim but it’s completely true. If an employee leaves the business and hence has no requirement to drive the vehicle they have been leasing under the salary sacrifice car scheme, then they can return the car to Pink Salary Exchange at any point. They are not obligated to keep the vehicle and maintain the agreement, and similarly, there is no cost to the employer either. The employer doesn’t want the risk of being stuck with a load of cars it can’t shift if employees leave, so Pink Salary Exchange are totally trusting and flexible to allow them to be returned, and hence the scheme is 100% risk-free for everyone.
  3. Cost effective – we are the only company offering a salary sacrifice car scheme to use a select panel of funders that guarantee the very best rate for each vehicle. We have used our extensive range of industry contacts to find the most competitive car leasing deals available and make the product truly unrivalled, and which also benefits the employer and the employee in equal parts.
  4. Flexible – we recognise that employees need some flexibility in their package to ensure the vehicle leasing agreement is both cost-effective and suits their medium-term circumstances. In the current financial climate, nobody wants to commit to anything any longer than they have to, so we don’t insist on lengthy contracts and we offer a wide range of timescales, so employees can choose from 6-48 months for the lease agreements.
  5. Employees can change their cars every 3 months if desired – this takes flexibility to an extreme new level, but we know that some motorists love to try out every new vehicle going, and we also know that people’s circumstances change at short notice. So Pink Salary Exchange are the first and only company in the UK to offer a zero financial cost / risk-free salary sacrifice scheme on electric or Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. This gives the employee the opportunity to have a new vehicle every three months and they can hand the car back at no cost and get a new one, with no termination fees. This means an employee who is a real motoring enthusiast could have four new cars in 12 months. This is ideal for people that like to change their cars regularly or those that have a change in circumstances, such as their partner loses their job, goes on long-term sick or maternity leave, and hence they suddenly need a cheaper vehicle, or a more child-friendly vehicle.

These features are what we believe makes the Pink Salary Exchange product unique in the marketplace, and this is reflected in the popularity and the increased take-up we are seeing from our regular clients. If your business is interested in starting a salary sacrifice car scheme, we can talk to you about the easy sign-up process and the online management portal, and also outline a bit more about these fantastic features listed above, so get in touch with our experts at Pink Salary Exchange today.

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