Pink Salary Exchange’s EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme Offers A Car Swap Every Quarter

16 July 2022

Pink Salary Exchange’s EV Salary Sacrifice Scheme Offers A Car Swap Every Quarter


Less than 12 months after launching its EV salary sacrifice scheme, Pink Car Leasing has introduced a new, ground-breaking benefit.

In addition to offering flexible leasing contracts from as short as six months in duration – meaning employees on fixed-term contracts can reap the benefits it offers – customers can now change their car every three months! Also available to businesses with just a single employee, the Pink Car Leasing salary sacrifice scheme is guaranteed to be risk-free and cost-free to employers.

Since its launch last August, more than 10,000 employees are now signed up to the HMRC-approved Pink Salary Exchange – which puts brand new electric cars in the reach of millions of employees. The amount customers pay includes maintenance, insurance and road tax, and with the deduction coming from an individual’s gross salary, instead of net, it reduces the real cost to the employee and saves National Insurance contributions.

Another major selling point is that a business registering to be a part of Pink Salary Exchange can be set up – and employees able to select the vehicles of their choice – within 24 hours. By introducing the ability to change vehicles every quarter.

Pink Car Leasing’s Commercial Director Caroline Hill, said it will appeal to car-mad staff members and businesses looking to enhance employee benefits.

“When we launched Pink Salary Exchange last August, we knew we had something special; a scheme that was, and remains, an industry leader. And now by introducing the ability to swap a vehicle every four months, we have once again left the competition behind.

“For those who want a convertible in the summer and an SUV in the winter, then with Pink Salary Exchange they can! And with Pink Salary Exchange clients can chose new cars, or upgrade to a superior second-hand model, as long as it falls within the original agreement. We see this as a fabulous staff benefit, and one that will particularly appeal to those who love cars and want the latest model. It makes the likes of the Porsche Taycan, which we have in stock, affordable.”

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