Pink Salary Exchange Can Give Employees What They Want

27 September 2023

Pink Salary Exchange Can Give Employees What They Want

A major survey has revealed that three quarters of employees want a salary sacrifice scheme in their workplace, once they understand what it is, revealing that information and education are the main barriers to the successful introduction of workplace employee benefits. But with the Pink Salary Exchange salary sacrifice car scheme we can offer a wealth of data and supporting information to ensure your employees are fully informed on the amazing benefits our scheme offers.

YouGov have released the results of a recent survey on employee benefits and specifically salary sacrifice schemes, and the headline finding was that 74% of employees wanted a salary sacrifice scheme after they were given information about what it is and how it works. Other findings in the survey also revealed a problem in providing employees with suitable and sufficient information on such benefits:

  • Only 36% said they were aware of the employee benefits available in their workplace
  • 54% said they had never been asked for feedback on the benefits package available in their workplace

Information on our next-generation salary sacrifice car scheme

These results suggest that some employers aren’t doing enough to promote employee benefits packages, and if they did they would certainly be satisfying a need and an interest within their workforce. Only 18% of employers in the UK currently offer a salary sacrifice car scheme with electric vehicles (EVs), and 73% of the respondents in the YouGov survey revealed that the ability to save money was the most important factor in signing up for a salary sacrifice scheme. Saving money is certainly a major benefit of the EV scheme offered by Pink Salary Exchange, and with three quarters of employees stating that they would want such a scheme in their workplace, there appears to be a disparity in how schemes are being rolled out.

At Pink Salary Exchange we have the resources to visit your workplace and hold information seminars to fully inform your employees on the benefits of a salary sacrifice car scheme. This provides direct contact with your employees, but if you prefer to roll this out yourself there are help and advice resources on our website where employees can understand the features and benefits of the scheme and see examples of the finance and vehicle packages.

Employee benefits of our salary sacrifice car scheme

Employee benefits packages are becoming an increasingly popular tool for managing the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as providing a mechanism for inclusivity that makes employees feel recognised and appreciated. This in turn is now acknowledged as being a key factor in better motivation and productivity within the workforce, and improved moral generally is seen as being one of many major employer benefits.

For the employee, a salary sacrifice car scheme involving an EV will enable them to save money via lower tax and national insurance contributions, while they also enjoy more cost-effective motoring and of course reduce their carbon footprint by driving a brand new zero-emission EV. At Pink Salary Exchange our next generation salary sacrifice car scheme is becoming recognised in the industry as the leading scheme currently available on the market, so contact our team today and we can help you to deliver to your workforce, what this YouGov survey has identified that they want.

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