Pink Salary Exchange Is Named Best Salary Sacrifice Scheme

06 November 2022

Pink Salary Exchange Is Named Best Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Press Release

Pink Salary Exchange has been named the best EV salary sacrifice scheme on the market.

Launched in August 2021 by Pink Car Leasing, the scheme – which has more than 12,000 employees signed up to it – was ranked first by a panel of experts from five accountancy and employee benefits specialists.

They were invited by the company to undertake a full review, and then compare their findings to those of other leading salary sacrifice scheme suppliers.

The areas they looked at were:

  • Data & Technology
  • Compliance
  • Usability for employer
  • Usability for employee
  • Leasing Rates
  • Protection – Early Termination
  • Road Insurance
  • Flexibility
  • Ease of use and administration

The outcome was that Pink Salary Exchange was rated the best by all five firms in every single category, and therefore the best overall.

Comments from the experts included:

  • “The online Web portal makes the journey for both employer and employee simple”
  • “The flexibility offered by PSE is significantly greater than all of the other schemes we considered”
  • “The standard scheme has more features and benefits as standard than all of the other schemes we reviewed”
  • “The way PSE provides the best leasing rates from the market is a major benefit for employer and employee alike
  • “The early termination protection cover within the standard scheme is by far the best we reviewed”
  • “The way PSE provides policies and documents for employers to use saves both time and money”

Caroline Hill, Pink Car Leasing Director, said: “When we launched Pink Salary Exchange a year last August we knew then it was a market leader, one that is HMRC approved and one that is miles ahead of all the others.

“Unlike any other salary sacrifice scheme, businesses with just a single employee can sign up to our unique scheme. It also offers flexible leasing contracts from as short as six months in duration, meaning employees on fixed-term contracts can reap the benefits it offers.

“And earlier this year we introduced another ground-breaking benefit by giving customers the opportunity to change their car every three months!

“We knew how good Pink Salary Exchange is, so we invited a panel of experts to ‘test drive it’. They looked at nine areas and then compared them to other big names offering salary sacrifice schemes.

“I’m delighted to say all five experts placed us first in each of the nine categories, making us best overall. This is fantastic news for us and more importantly our 12,000 customers who are driving an EV car thanks to Pink Salary Exchange, which in turn is helping benefit the environment with zero emissions.”

For further information about Pink Salary Exchange and how to sign up, visit

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