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Does your accountancy business wish to reward its employees, promote fairness and inclusivity and improve morale and productivity? If so, you need to sign-up for a salary sacrifice car scheme and enable all your employees to save money and help save the planet.

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What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

If you enrol your business today, within a few hours you can be signing your employees up for great savings and a range of other benefits. With the Pink Salary Exchange Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme, your employees agree to give up a portion of their gross salary, in return for a lease agreement on a brand new low-emission electric vehicle.


What are the benefits for the employee?

  • Reduced costs – leasing a vehicle is cheaper than buying one because employees are only paying the cost of depreciation to the leasing company, they are not paying for ownership. Furthermore, running an electric vehicle is cheaper than a petrol or diesel vehicle, and because the salary sacrifice portion is taken off an employee’s gross salary, they pay less income tax and national insurance.
  • New vehicles – employees will always be driving a new vehicle so service and maintenance costs are reduced.
  • One payment – all motoring costs are included in one, easy-to-budget-for payment.
  • Low emissions – employees can have peace of mind that their carbon footprint is reduced with low-emission driving with either a PHEV or full EV.
  • Flexible deals – a lease contract can be six months up to 48 months, whatever suits the employee.
  • Low-risk – if an employee leaves the company they are not obligated to keep the vehicle and maintain the lease agreement, they can return the vehicle. Also, there is no initial deposit.
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What are the benefits for the employer?

  • Lower national insurance payments – because your employees are paying reduced national insurance payments, so are you.
  • Reduced environmental impact – your employees driving electric vehicles reduces the carbon impact of your business.
  • Reduced fleet costs – with Pink Salary Exchange you will have access to the best available lease deals on the market.
  • Employee loyalty and motivation – opening the scheme up across the board incentivises employees and rewards them fairly and equally, this improves morale and means you can attract and retain the best accountants in the job market.
  • Compliance – you will have comprehensive and professional records on all your vehicles, including tax, insurance and MOTs, and also including grey fleet.
  • Simple management – sign-up and management of the scheme is simple and not time-consuming.
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How does the salary sacrifice car scheme work?

If you want your accountancy firm to sign-up for the salary sacrifice car scheme, it couldn’t be simpler. This is how it works:

  • Apply now – with basic business information
  • Validation – your details will be checked straight away and you will receive login details for your exclusive online management portal.
  • Approval – within 8 hours you will have a live scheme online and will be able to start enrolling employees.
  • Choose a vehicle – your employees can start choosing a lease vehicle.

Why should your accountancy business choose Pink Salary Exchange?

At Pink Salary Exchange we have many years’ experience in building relationships in the vehicle and finance industries. This has enabled us to design this ‘next generation’ salary sacrifice car scheme thanks to expert input from finance, insurance, taxation and motoring specialists. Our HMRC-approved product ensures zero emission driving of the best electric vehicles on the market, and in a cost-effective way that benefits everybody.

Make sure your accountancy business contacts Pink Salary Exchange today and we can deliver a new dimension in employee benefits.

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