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Salary Sacrifice Vehicle Options

Cupra Born Electric Hatchback 150kW V2 58kWh 5dr Auto

Cupra Born Electric Hatchback

See what Pink Salary Exchange can offer for a Cupra Born with a salary sacrifice scheme, and you can be enjoying hassle-free, lower cost and zero-emission driving before you know it.

Premium quality from a fast emerging EV manufacturer

The Cupra Born is very much a VW ID3 in all the finer details, but it offers good value for money and excellent trim levels, with features such as privacy glass and heated seats just on the standard models. The Born is competitive with its rivals in terms of acceleration and as a hatchback it is perhaps a little sportier than its VW cousin.

An official range of 264 miles can be achieved on a 10-80% charge in around half an hour, which is impressive and the style of handling means the Born is fun to drive also, while maintaining a quiet cruising ambience too.

If you are choosing a vehicle for your salary sacrifice scheme, then the Cupra Born should definitely be a contender.

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Our salary sacrifice product has been designed using experts in their field, to ensure you are delivered with a next-generation salary sacrifice scheme. We have adapted the specialist knowledge of partners in finance, taxation, insurance and vehicle leasing to ensure you receive the best possible deal in every sense.

We understand that motoring costs need to be managed and we make this easier for you with all your expenses covered as part of your salary sacrifice scheme, including your leasing cost, all service and maintenance costs, insurance, breakdown cover, accident management and company car tax (BIK).

Award-winning excellence for your salary sacrifice car scheme

Independent judges have ranked our salary sacrifice product as providing the best employee benefits, so make sure you take advantage of our industry-leading quality and sign-up for a salary sacrifice scheme today and you could be driving the Cupra Born EV.

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