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Kia EV6 Electric Estate 166kW Air 77.4kWh 5dr Auto

Kia EV6 Electric Estate

If you sign-up with Pink Salary Exchange today we can take you on the road to net zero. Choose a Kia EV 6 salary sacrifice deal and you can be enjoying fully electric driving while saving money too.

The all-round benefits of the Kia EV6

Kia are not new to electric vehicles, and it shows in this brand new EV6, which hits the sweet spot of offering long range and fast charging, while also being surprisingly spacious and providing a smooth, powerful drive that is actually a fun experience.

As a sort of crossover SUV and hatchback the EV6 is bigger than it looks and provides tonnes of back seat leg room, and with acceleration at 0-60 in 6.9 seconds it is no slouch on the road either. Realistic range on a full charge is around 270 miles and while Kia boast about fast-charging in 18 minutes, achieving 10-80% on most chargers available around the country should take between 40-60 minutes. The EV6 offers great trim as standard and with a 12.3 inch touchscreen for your infotainment and safety features, this is a great all-round catch for your salary sacrifice deal.

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Contact us today to find out how much a Kia EV6 salary sacrifice deal will cost you. This amount is taken from your salary in a convenient transaction each month, and which covers all your regular motoring costs. The monthly figure for your Kia EV6 salary sacrifice deal will include your leasing cost, all service and maintenance costs, insurance, breakdown cover, accident management and company car tax (BIK).

Contact Pink Salary Exchange today and let’s get you on the road in your dream car.

The next generation in salary sacrifice

Using our long-established partnerships in vehicle leasing, taxation, insurance and finance models, we have been able to design a game-changing salary sacrifice deal with unique employee benefits. You can save money on your tax and national insurance while reducing your emissions and driving a brand new Kia EV6, so sign-up today for your Kia EV6 salary sacrifice deal and let’s get you on the road to net zero.

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