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Salary Sacrifice Vehicle Options

Porsche Taycan Saloon 300kW 79kWh 4dr RWD Auto

Porsche Taycan Saloon

Get on the road to net zero with Pink Salary Exchange. If you apply now for a Porsche Taycan salary sacrifice deal you can be driving your dream car in no time.

Porsche Taycan Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice is the best way to enjoy emission-free, hassle-free and cost-effective motoring. Our package enables you to choose your vehicle and enjoy a range of amazing employee benefits. We have designed a product which puts all your motoring costs together in one convenient package, so the small cost that is taken from your monthly salary will cover the leasing cost of your vehicle, as well as service and maintenance, insurance, tax, breakdown cover and accident management.

Leasing a vehicle is much cheaper than buying one, and with an electric vehicle you can enjoy the fuel cost benefits while reducing your carbon footprint too.

Take advantage of our innovative salary sacrifice product and apply now for a Porsche Taycan salary sacrifice deal.

Choose a Porsche Taycan for your salary sacrifice deal

Many people said you couldn’t get a high-performance EV but the Porsche Taycan is an example of the exciting direction that EV technology is going in. As you might expect from the elite motoring brand, the Taycan is a powerful vehicle capable of 0 – 62mph in just four seconds. A big battery really packs a punch and you can still enjoy a competitive 268-mile range too.

Apply now for a Porsche Taycan salary sacrifice deal and you can be enjoying high-performance motoring in a zero emission vehicle.

Benefit from the industry experience of Pink Salary Exchange

At Pink Salary Exchange we have used our vast industry experience to build established partnerships with leading experts. This is how we can design a next-generation product with unique benefits in vehicle leasing, finance, taxation and insurance. We combine these features with your lifestyle needs for annual mileage and lease term to deliver the salary sacrifice deal that suits you.

Contact Pink Salary Exchange today to discuss a Porsche Taycan salary sacrifice scheme.

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