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Salary Sacrifice Vehicle Options

Tesla Model 3 Saloon RWD 4dr Auto

Tesla Model 3 Saloon

Go electric with Pink Salary Exchange and cut your emissions while cutting your motoring costs. Choose the Tesla Model 3 for your salary sacrifice vehicle today and you can join the EV revolution.

Tesla is the top-selling electric vehicle

The Tesla Model 3 blew the Nissan Leaf out of the water as the world’s top-selling EV a couple of years ago, and while this is one of the best exec cars on the market it is an entry-level Tesla and their smallest and most affordable model on the road, making it perfect as a salary sacrifice vehicle.

Packed full of tech it has a small battery but with a long range. You should get between 230 to 270 miles from a full charge, and with Tesla’s exclusive infrastructure of quick-charging stations around the country you will be ahead of the game in every sense.

Tesla Model 3 salary sacrifice scheme

Salary sacrifice is the best way to streamline all your motoring costs into one neat package. And you can also cut your emissions while reducing your tax and national insurance payments.

Your Tesla Model 3 salary sacrifice agreement will include the lease cost, service & maintenance, insurance, breakdown cover, accident management and company car tax (BIK), so contact us today to discuss a salary sacrifice scheme for the Tesla Model 3.

The best Tesla Model 3 salary sacrifice options are available with Pink Salary Exchange

Our vast experience in the vehicle leasing sector has been combined with the knowledge of experts in tax, insurance, finance and vehicle manufacturing to create a next generation salary sacrifice product. With unique benefits for the employee you can be driving the Tesla Model 3 you always dreamed of, so apply now and we can get you on the road with a Tesla Model 3 salary sacrifice scheme.

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