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Salary Sacrifice Vehicle Options

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Estate 109kW Life Ed Pure 52kWh 5dr Auto [110kW Ch]

Volkswagen ID.4 Electric Estate

Get on the road to net zero with a Volkswagen ID.4 salary sacrifice deal with Pink Salary Exchange. You can join the EV revolution in a cost-effective way that suits your lifestyle, so apply now and you can be driving your dream VW ID.4 before you know it.

Great value Volkswagen ID.4 salary sacrifice car deals

Volkswagen have big plans for the ID.4 – their mid-sized crossover SUV – with ambitious sales projections, and you can understand why when you drive it and experience the quality engineering and trademark comfort and style. With a 310-mile range the ID.4 is adaptable for both city and long-distance driving, making it the ideal car for your salary sacrifice deal.

Get in touch with Pink Salary Exchange and we can agree a Volkswagen ID.4 salary sacrifice deal today.

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Amazing benefits with a Pink Salary Exchange salary sacrifice deal

With a salary sacrifice scheme, you are combining all your motoring costs in one convenient package, and furthermore, you pay less tax and national insurance too. The amount taken from your salary is based on your gross salary, so in real cash terms you pay less in tax and national insurance while also enjoying the cash benefits of leasing a car rather than buying it.

Our salary sacrifice scheme includes the lease cost, service and maintenance, insurance, breakdown cover and company car tax, so you don’t need to worry about other costs. Apply now for a Volkswagen ID.4 salary sacrifice scheme and you can be on the road enjoying low-cost, hassle-free and emission-free driving today.

Benefit from our industry experience

At Pink Salary Exchange we have years of experience in vehicle leasing and have strong relationships with partners in insurance, taxation and finance. This enables us to deliver a next generation product which brings innovative employee benefits and allows you to choose the vehicle and the lease deal you want.

Make the switch to EV driving and enjoy motoring and lifestyle benefits today.

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