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Make sure your recruitment agency provides the best employee benefits and sign-up today for the Pink Salary Exchange salary sacrifice car scheme. This next generation scheme has across-the-board benefits for both employees and employers, so apply now and you can be set-up in a matter of hours.

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Best available salary sacrifice car scheme

We have partnered with experts in finance, taxation, insurance and vehicle leasing to design the best salary sacrifice car scheme on the market. Our unrivalled access to big brand manufacturers means we can give your recruitment agency employees the opportunity of driving the best brand new electric vehicles on the market, with cost-effective and flexible lease deals, so this is why we believe that you should choose us as your salary sacrifice car scheme partner.


How does it work?

A salary sacrifice car scheme is really simple, both for you and your employees:

  • Apply now with some basic business details.
  • You will be validated immediately and will receive login details for your simple online management portal.
  • Within 8 hours you will bet set-up and able to start enrolling employees onto the scheme.
  • Employees can choose a vehicle and pay for the lease agreement by agreeing to sacrifice a portion of their gross salary.
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What are the benefits for the employee?

Employees benefit by:

  • Reduced tax and national insurance payments.
  • Cheaper motoring costs through leasing rather than buying a vehicle.
  • Zero emission driving and cheaper fuel costs with an electric vehicle.
  • Easy budgeting with one payment for all motoring costs.
  • Flexible lease deals from six months up to four years.
  • Low-risk with no deposit and the ability to return the vehicle and cancel the lease agreement if the employee leaves the business.
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What are the benefits for the employer?

Your recruitment agency can also benefit by:

  • Lower national insurance payments for those employees signed-up to the scheme.
  • Reduced emissions and better environmental performance for the business.
  • Reduced fleet costs for your recruitment agency.
  • You can attract and retain the best recruitment consultants in the business for your agency by offering this ‘next generation’ employee benefit, which will also promote fairness and inclusivity and improve morale, loyalty and productivity.
  • Our simple online management system maintains good records of compliance for licences, tax insurance, MOTs and grey fleet.
  • The scheme is easy to sign-up for and to manage.
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Improving your recruitment agency with the best employee benefits

At Pink Salary Exchange we have worked with businesses across many industry sectors and we have a proven track record of improving employee motivation with our salary sacrifice car scheme. Our expertise in this field ensures you have a simple process which will give your employees unrivalled access to the best electric vehicle leasing deals available today.

Your recruitment agency is all about finding and delivering the best, so this salary sacrifice car scheme is your way of rewarding your employees and creating a positive, generous and dynamic working environment for everyone, so contact Pink Salary Exchange, and we can help you to apply now for our next generation salary sacrifice car scheme.

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