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You already know about the employee benefits and the employer benefits and why a salary sacrifice car scheme is great for all areas of your business. But why should you opt for Pink Salary Exchange for your salary sacrifice scheme? What makes us the scheme you should sign-up for? We believe our scheme is a ‘next generation’ product which will take your business to another level. This is because:

  1. Expert Design: Our scheme has been designed and fine-tuned by experts with over 20 years’ experience in various fields such as taxation, finance and insurance. This ensures our product is HMRC-compliant but also covers every last detail which can have an impact on the employee and the employer and explains what that impact is.
  2. All the information: We have all the required literature explaining the scheme available online for easy reference whenever it is needed. We can also visit your workplace and hold an opening presentation to your employees which introduces the scheme, explains all the details of how it works and is able to answer any queries or concerns an employee might have.
  3. Easy sign-up: You can be signed-up, installed and ready to enrol employees onto our scheme within 24 hours. Our sign-up process is simple and requires no admin, so the scheme will not be a drain on your internal resources, either to set-up or to manage on an ongoing basis.
  4. Online management portal: You have easy access to sign-up figures and employee details with our easy-to-access and fully HR-compliant online management portal. You don’t have to do anything with this, it is all for your information and is available whenever you need it.
  5. Simple employee process: The unique design of our scheme encourages take-up by making the process as simple as possible for the employee. There is no credit check, no deposit required and a simple application process through the employer.
  6. Low-risk for the employee: If an employee leaves the company they are not tied to a vehicle leasing deal, and we can provide early termination protection cover with no fee involved when the vehicle is returned to us. In addition to requiring no initial deposit, this means there is no risk in signing-up to the scheme for an employee.
  7. Great range of vehicles: Our long-established relationships with vehicle manufacturers and service & maintenance providers, means we have a unique standing in the leasing sector and can therefore offer the best available vehicle leasing deals at all times. This means we can offer flexible and affordable deals, but also a vast range of vehicles for all motoring needs.
  8. Officially the best: Don’t just take our word for it, we have officially been voted as the best salary sacrifice scheme by a panel of accountancy and employee benefits specialists from the top 50 UK businesses. When comparing our scheme to four other competitor schemes ours was voted the best in every single category. In particular the specialists noted the online web portal, the flexibility of the scheme, the wealth of features and benefits and the excellent leasing rates offered. The panel also recognised the low-risk features and online literature availability as superior features compared to other schemes.

To find out more, get in touch with our salary sacrifice team today or apply now!

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