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Your digital agency is a fast-moving business with dynamic and dedicated employees, so they will definitely benefit from a salary sacrifice car scheme. You can help your employees save money and reduce their carbon footprint by signing-up for a salary sacrifice car scheme, while as an employer you can save costs as well (if you keep the Employer’s Class1 NIC saved on the salary sacrificed), plus improve morale and productivity and promote fairness and inclusivity, so get in touch with our team at Pink Salary Exchange today.


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Understanding salary sacrifice car schemes

A salary sacrifice car scheme through Pink Salary Exchange is a next generation, HMRC-approved product which can help your employees save money on their motoring and increase their take-home pay. When your employees sign-up with us they agree to reduce their salary by a set amount in exchange for a great value lease agreement on a zero-emission electric vehicle. This reduces their motoring costs, reduces their environmental impact and because they take the salary sacrifice off their gross salary, they reduce their income tax and national insurance contributions too.

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What are the Employee benefits?

The full list of employee benefits makes the salary sacrifice car scheme one of the most progressive workplace schemes available. It will work in line with many of your objectives and targets as a digital agency by offering the following:

  • Cheaper motoring – running a vehicle on a battery charge is cheaper per mile than using petrol or diesel, but also you are leasing the vehicle so are only paying for the cost of depreciation, rather than the cost of ownership.
  • New vehicles – you will always be driving a brand new vehicle and so can take advantage of new developments in efficiency, safety and in-car tech, while also saving on minimal maintenance costs.
  • One regular amount all your motoring costs are combined in one, fixed monthly sacrifice.
  • Zero-emissions – driving an electric vehicle means your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.
  • Flexible leasing deal – you can choose a lease deal from six months up to 48 and can opt for an annual mileage which suits your lifestyle.
  • Low-risk – there is no deposit and even if you change jobs you can return the vehicle and are not liable for maintaining the payments. And at the end of a lease you simply return the vehicle and have the option of choosing another one, so you are not tasked with disposing of the vehicle.


What are the employer benefits?

Of course the headline benefits here are geared towards your employees, but there are a number of ways in which the employer can benefit too:

  • National insurance – reduced NI payments for each enrolled employee (assuming the NIC savings aren’t shared)
  • Environmental targets – meet your environmental targets through lower emissions
  • Reduced fleet costs – access to the best value leasing deals on the market
  • Employee loyalty – forms part of an employee package that rewards and promotes loyalty and leads to better morale and productivity
  • Compliance – better record keeping and maintenance scheduling
  • Simple management – easy online tools for management


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How does the Pink salary sacrifice car scheme work?

How does the salary sacrifice car scheme work?

To sign your digital agency up for our salary sacrifice car scheme it really couldn’t be simpler. You can be signed-up and enrolling employees ASAP, so here is how it works:

  • Apply now – with basic business information
  • Validation – we check your details straight away and issue you with login details for our innovative online management portal.
  • Approval – we aim to have a live scheme online for you within eight hours, and then you can start enrolling employees.
  • Choose a vehicle – your employees can start choosing a lease vehicle and enjoy all the great benefits of the scheme straight away.

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If you want your digital agency to sign-up for the best salary sacrifice car scheme on the market, contact our team today and we can get you started in no time.

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