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For employees at your university there are a range of great benefits:

Reduced income tax and national insurance contributions

One single monthly motoring cost

Reduced carbon footprint through driving an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle

Great choice of new vehicles

Flexible lease deals from 24 to 48 months

No deposit to pay

Not tied-in to or liable for ongoing payments if the employee leaves their job

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What is a salary sacrifice car scheme?

Salary sacrifice is where an employee agrees a portion of their gross salary to be taken away in exchange for a non-cash benefit. In this case it is a leasing agreement on an EV or hybrid vehicle. The scheme is a formal agreement which changes the employee’s contract of employment but it is easy to sign-up to, quick to arrange and requires minimal ongoing management.

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How does the scheme work?

As a university employer you can very easily start the process of implementing a salary sacrifice car scheme, and here is how it works.

  • Apply now – click on the button and after leaving a few basic business details the process is underway.
  • Validation – once we have carried out some basic background checks we will issue you with login details and you can then access our online management portal.
  • Enrol employees – very soon you will be able to sign-up employees and they can begin to choose their lease vehicle.

Employer benefits

Our salary sacrifice car scheme is industry leading and has been designed with the help of experts in car leasing, finance, insurance and taxation. Our HMRC-approved scheme is the next generation in salary sacrifice and will deliver great benefits to your business:

  • Reduced national insurance contributions for employees signed-up the scheme (assuming NI savings aren’t shared)
  • Better grey fleet management
  • Reduced fleet costs through great value leasing deals
  • Simple online management
  • Easy access to online help literature
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Promoting fairness and inclusivity as the scheme is open to all employees
  • Improving staff remuneration package and improving employee loyalty

Contact Pink Salary Exchange and sign-up today

If you contact our sales team at Pink Salary Exchange today we can help you through the sign-up process and prepare you for delivering a roll-out programme to your employees. And within days you can have employees choosing their EV leasing deals and driving away in their new car, so get in touch today.

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