Investing In The Next Generation Salary Sacrifice Scheme

23 January 2023

Investing In The Next Generation Salary Sacrifice Scheme

There were over 600,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on UK roads in November 2022, and in that month one in five new cars registered was an EV. With the UK Government committed to phasing out the manufacture of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, we are firmly on the ‘road to net zero’ and Pink Salary Exchange can help you buy into this with a next-generation salary sacrifice scheme.

Employee benefits are a game-changer for employers, and salary sacrifice is a way to reward employees but help the business too. Our unique salary sacrifice car scheme is an industry-leading product aiming to:

  • Cut motoring costs for the employee
  • Cut CO2 emissions
  • Promote inclusion and wellbeing for the employer

Our salary sacrifice car scheme can help every part of your business

If you sign up for our ‘next generation’ salary sacrifice car scheme you can deliver revolutionary benefits to all your employees, but as an employer you can experience benefits in every area of your business too:

  • Lower Class 1A NIC contributions
  • Promoting lower emissions across the business
  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion because the scheme is open to everyone across the business, not just top executives
  • Promoting wellbeing by improving employee lifestyles and circumstances
  • Improving employee morale and therefore productivity
  • Attract and retain the best available talent as a considerate employer
  • HMRC-compliant product

A salary sacrifice car scheme which is easy to get involved in

In order to promote our scheme as a ‘next generation’ product, it had to include features which not only benefited the employee, but made it easy for them to sign-up. Only by encouraging a high sign-up rate could we help the employer buy-in also, so we’ve designed our scheme to be super easy for employees to get involved:

  • No credit checks required
  • No deposit needed
  • Tax-efficient – BIK tax relief of 2% for 2023
  • Easy and fast application process through the employer
  • Flexible lease deals in terms of mileage and lease term
  • Low-risk schemes with no deposit and no fee/early termination if the employee leaves the company
  • All literature explaining the scheme details is available online
  • One simple motoring payment per month, which includes insurance and service & maintenance
  • Pay less national insurance and tax each month
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions

Let Pink Salary Exchange take control of your salary sacrifice car scheme

We understand that you have daily challenges in your workplace and you need key personnel to concentrate on their core responsibilities. So we have designed our game-changing salary sacrifice car scheme to ensure there is no burden on you and the only thing you see is the huge range of benefits.

  • The scheme is HMRC-compliant and has been designed and fine-tuned by experts with over 20 years’ experience in taxation, insurance and finance and with the help of long-established partnerships with motoring manufacturers, service & maintenance providers and a select panel of funders. This enables us to provide the best available car leasing deals at all times
  • There is no administration required on your part, we look after all of this
  • You will have a dedicated account manager with whom you can liaise daily
  • We can make a presentation to your employees at your premises to fully introduce and explain the scheme
  • You can reduce your fleet costs and have better control over grey fleet by signing-up to our salary sacrifice car scheme
  • Your employees will have access to the best range of new and used vehicles available, with options available to all your employees regardless of age, status or circumstances, so this can include small city cars, family SUVs and mid-sized cars, vans, luxury executive saloons and sporty high performance cars.
  • We provide an easy-access and easy-to-navigate online management portal which enables you to view and monitor key details if you need to

At Pink Salary Exchange we have looked at every single detail of our scheme to ensure it is dynamic, beneficial to all, fully compliant and the best product available. We have expert sales staff available to answer any question you may have, so get in touch today, and with our simple sign-up process you can be fully installed and enrolling employees onto your scheme within 24 hours, so invest in the next generation salary sacrifice scheme and get your business on the road to net zero.

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